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Non-Bahamian Post-Secondary Institutions, seeking to offer their academic programmes in The Bahamas and having accreditation status from international or regional accreditation bodies recognized by The Bahamas, are eligible to apply for Institutional Recognition.

 This pathway of recognition is based on the Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education that was developed by the Council of Europe and UNESCO (Lisbon on 8 - 11 April 1997) and has since been adopted by several accreditation bodies internationally.


“Among the main points of the Council of Europe/UNESCO Convention are the following:

  • Each country shall recognize qualifications – whether for access to higher education, for periods of study or for higher education degrees – as similar to the corresponding qualifications in its own system unless it can show that there are substantial differences between its own qualifications and the qualifications for which recognition is sought. 

  • Recognition of a higher education qualification issued in another country shall have one or more of the following consequences: 

             -access to further higher education studies, including relevant examinations and preparations for the doctorate, on the same conditions               

                - as candidates from the country in which recognition is sought;    

                -The use of an academic title, subject to the laws and regulations of the country in which recognition is sought; 

                -In addition, recognition may facilitate access to the labour market” (1997)

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