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“Registration” certifies that an institution/provider offering/proposing to offer an educational service in The Bahamas has met the criteria for the provision of such services stated in the Education Act (1962 as amended).

The Criteria for Registration is designed to provide registered institutions with a foundation for logical development towards accreditation.

Registration status; however, can in no way be equated to accreditation. Institutions/Providers that are registered by The National Accreditation and Equivalency Council of The Bahamas (NAECOB) should not purport for promotional purposes to be “accredited” by NAECOB. Institutions/Providers making such a claim do so in contravention of the Act.


The institution submits a completed 'Registration Application Form' with accompanying documents.


To be eligible to apply for Registration an institution must meet the following criteria:

  1.  Have a clearly defined structure of governance which is the final authority with respect to the formulation and implementation of basic policies that govern the institution/provider.

  2.  Have a clearly defined statement of the mission and purpose of the institution/provider in terms of its specific aims and goals within the context of the national goals.

  3. Have Educational Programmes with clearly defined objectives and be consistent with the institution’s/provider’s mission and purpose.

  4. Have an evaluation process on which the award of a certificate, diploma, or degree is to be based.

  5. Have Admissions Policies compatible with its stated mission and instructional objectives.

  6.  Own or have access to sufficient learning resources and services to adequately support the proposed courses and programmes.

  7.  Have sufficient academic, administrative and support staff with the requisite qualifications and experience appropriate for their tasks and to institution’s/provider’s mission and purpose.

  8.  Have a plan for the educational, physical, and financial growth of the institution/provider as well as a method of evaluation of its efficiency and effectiveness.

  9. Disclose all information required by NAECOB for the purpose of evaluating and registering the institution/provider.

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