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Accreditation is a means for systematizing, evaluating and maintaining academic standards for integrity and educational quality.

Applying for Accreditation Candidacy is the required route towards accreditation of new and/or developing registered institution that offers educational programmes in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. Only those institutions that have initially submitted an application for registration with NAECOB and were approved are eligible to now start the application process for accreditation candidacy.

The self-study process is the central part of determining institutions eligibility and readiness for accreditation. The institution performs a comprehensive self-introspective review of its related internal and external operations that support its organizational mission and goals. This rigorous self-analysis of programmes, resources, policies, procedures, and services, among other areas of evaluation, will determine its alignment with NAECOB’s guidelines, and on a larger scale its compliance with regional and international standards in Higher Education


Registered Institution submits

'LOI Package' 

  • Letter Of Intent,

  • Report of Eligibility

  • Ownership Disclosure Form

  • Copy of the Institution’s Business License

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