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Before you consider attending an institution, ensure that your desired institution is accredited by at least one of the Recognized Accreditation Bodies or Quality Assurance Networks listed and recognized by NAECOB.  

The list is comprised of Higher Education Accreditation Bodies and Quality Assurance Networks located in North America, Latin America, The Caribbean, Europe, and Asia. 

Credential evaluation is an assessment or verification of educational and/or professional qualifications. Applicants requesting evaluation of academic qualifications will receive a written report of the assessment. This report will describe each credential submitted and for each credential give the national and/or international equivalent.


Credential evaluation seeks to guard consumers, employers, and other relevant stakeholders from Credential Fraud.

"Registration” certifies that a local institution/provider offering/proposing to offer an educational service in the Bahamas has met the criteria for the provision of such services stated in the Education Act. The criteria for registration is designed to provide registered institutions with a foundation for logical development towards accreditation.

“Recognition” is a quality assurance review process for Non-Bahamian Post-Secondary Institutions that already hold [full] accreditation status from international or regional accreditation bodies [recognized by NAECOB] and seek to offer their academic programmes in The Bahamas.


Home School is held in a private home, of the student, in which a parent/legal guardian assumes responsibility for the educational instruction of her/his ward.

Instruction conducted at other persons' homes does not qualify for home schooling.

Written permission for the utilization of online programmes is required for home school registration.

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