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'Registration' certifies that a local institution/provider offering or proposing to offer an educational service in the Bahamas has met the criteria for the provision of such services stated in the Education Act. The criteria for registration is designed to provide registered institutions/providers with a foundation for logical development towards accreditation.

Registration is renewable annually as long as the institution is in compliance with NAECOB's guidelines.


Once an educational institution/provider has been granted 'Registration' status, to maintain registration an annual report for each successive year of operation MUST be a submitted.  Institutions failing to submit an annual report will be deregistered.

The Annual Report summarizes the performance and provides insight into the services and operational activity for an educational institution/provider within a given calendar year. 

Applying for Accreditation Candidacy is the required route towards accreditation of a new and/or developing registered institution that offers educational programmes in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. Only those institutions that have initially submitted an application for registration with NAECOB and were approved are eligible to start the application process for accreditation candidacy.

Non-Bahamian Post-Secondary Institutions, seeking to offer their academic programmes in The Bahamas and having accreditation status from international or regional accreditation bodies recognized by The Bahamas, are eligible to apply for Institutional Recognition.

 This pathway of recognition is based on the Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education that was developed by the Council of Europe and UNESCO (Lisbon on 8 - 11 April 1997) and has since been adopted by several accreditation bodies internationally.

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