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NAECOB is committed through its principles and philosophy to provide the public with affirmation of institutions offering effective programmes and services based on agreed regulations. Institutions are expected to create an environment in which instruction, student engagement, learning, evaluation of student competencies, public service and research occur.  Accreditation allows for self-governance which in turn permits institutions to also employ continuous improvement strategies in order to achieve their goals for quality education.  Through the process of accreditation, assessment of effectiveness in fulfilling its mission, adherence to set regulations, enhancement in quality of learning, programmes and services offered are revealed.  This process calls for integrity, adherence to regulations, documentation and informed judgment.


  1. To uphold the Ministry of Education’s philosophy for improving the quality of education in The Bahamas to comparable international levels.

  2. To advance the mission and vision of NAECOB through quality assurance network partnerships, affiliations, and agreements. 

  3. To promote open communication and awareness concerning the value of accreditation to institutions and the public.

  4. To ensure that the programmes and resources provided by institutions and providers of education are diverse, innovative, and relevant to success in graduation and employment in the 21st century.

  5. To ensure that there are quality assurance mechanisms in place to hold institutions and providers of education accountable to established standards.

  6. To provide prescriptive and instructive guidance that supports institutions throughout the entirety of the accreditation process.

  7. To perform continuous cross-unit planning and data analysis that informs and strengthens NAECOB’s operational processes.

  8. To continuously integrate relevant technologies and infrastructure that support the efficient execution of NAECOB’s operational processes.

  9. To provide continuous professional development, skills training and learning opportunities for NAECOB’s team members.

  10. To provide information sessions, events, workshops, publications, and paraphernalia, concerning education and accreditation.

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