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Credential evaluation is an assessment or verification of educational and/or professional qualifications. Applicants requesting evaluation of academic qualifications will receive a written report of the assessments. This report will describe each credential submitted and for each credential give the national and/or international equivalent. Credential evaluation seeks to guard consumers, employers and other relevant stakeholders from Credential Fraud.

There are several benefits in having one's credentials evaluated, these are inclusive of by not limited to:


  • The formal evaluation of credentials assists the applicant in verifying the merit of their academic achievements to current employers, potential employers, college/university admissions officers, and licensing or certification agencies, among others.

  • As a trusted quality assurance body, having your credentials evaluated by NAECOB creates added value to prior educational experiences and academic qualifications obtained by the application

You can apply to get your credentials evaluated via NAECOB's 'Credential Evaluation Request Form' that can be accessed below.

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